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Models Wanted

Nov. 3rd, 2006 | 10:01 pm

Sorry for the copy/paste, wrote it elsewhere, but it still applies :)

Hunting For Models

I'm on the hunt for a few models for a number of projects I will be undertaking in the new year.

I want models in it for good times and because they WANT to do it and ENJOY doing it. All models must be 18+ (for legality as well as content reasons).

Looking for models in the following areas:
-> Artistic Nude
... ... ... classic studio shots, outdoor locations and life-style shots
-> Fetish
... ... ... fetish clothing, unusual locations, more in-your-face shots
-> Erotica
... ... ... sensual shots, full body and close-ups

I want to experiment and create some fantastic shots of models that have the heart and dedication to come up with new ideas, and really put everytrhing into a shoot.

I want time over winter to correspond with any models, come up with the ideas and then shooting will be in the new year. I will be shooting between Jan and April.

Shooting will either be at my home studio (Herefordshire) or on location depending on what models I get for ehich ideas.

Females ober the age of 18 that are open to ideas, expressive and fun to be with. The need to be able to throw your ideas into a shoot and have the dedication to work for a shot to pull it off to it's best. Models must also be from the UK and have photo ID.

Contact Me
You can contact me through this site, or via the contact forms on wither of my websites:
c-cook.com - General Photography
3vil.co.uk - Fetish and Erotica Photrography

All models will get a copy of all of the photos from the shoot(s), travel expenses, as well as the chance to work with myself (okay, okay, scraping the barrell there I know).

Many thanks,

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First update in a long time...

Oct. 2nd, 2006 | 04:45 pm

Hi all,

Thanks to satellite_kid for emailing me and giving me a nudge ;) about time I updated this thing, note that it'll be a depressing one.

Darn it's been months, where to start...going to do this as a series of events...

No Photography:
Having absolutley no money (see below) and concerntrating on a number of other projects at the moment I sadly have no time at all for my photography, which is getting at me, not being able to create photos and not even having the time to edit old shoots' photos takes it's toll.. Hopefully in the new year i'll be able to get my old shoots out of the way and uploaded to my site and then get some new shoots on the go!

For years i've been workong on a number of projects, a few websites and a way of starting my own business (fingers crossed), I am almost finished my first major project, that has taken about 2 years solid coding to get off the ground, and then there's another two to come after that. For these though i've had to buy a dedicated server £1200 (my entire savings to date, gone, was supposed to go on my loans, oops!)...will try and keep you all possted on the launch :D

No Money:
Got personal loans on the go, that Student loan thing and no savings at all now......last week I got some more news, I owe just shy of £4000 tax, I thought they were taking it out of my pay over the last year, but aparently they forgot, so this year I have to pay double....i've never been in so much debt, i'm fooked!

Got hit by a car:
To save money on petrol, I bought a new bike, cycled to work every day for 3 months, and then two weeks ago, a car pulled out and hit me, I am okay (bruised pelvis), have a broken laptop and busted bike, so now i'm having to pay for petrol again and have to wait for the police to release his insurance details so I can claim on that....life's a shit!

All that said, i'm starting to go mad, seriously mad...but i'm going to leave that one for another journal entry, probebly in a few months.

Hope all are well,

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Jun. 5th, 2006 | 12:01 pm
mood: frustratedfrustrated
music: Taproot - Hate Myself

Too long since my last entry, but here's a quick update.

- Last Saturday I had a great photoshoot with a local model, photos appearing now on my sites www.c-cook.com and erotic.c-cook.com

- Last Sunday I slipped over and landed on a chair, fracturing a rib, banding my head and throwing a beautiful sausage sandwich accross the room in the process.

- This Saturday I started to repair my leaking roof which was fun, doing it myself I can just about afford, letting someone else do it would kill my bank balance so up there I was.

- This Sunday, waking up from a good nights sleep for once, I have a big stretch and hear a big click, followed by a sharp pain.....yup, I pulled my fractured rib open so that's quite an achievment.

On top of all this, working all of my evenings at the moment still on a coupe of projects, and got another loan to help there, god I hope these pull off in the next 6 months.

Oh well, back to work...
~ Chris.

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Model Wanted: g/g shoot

Apr. 23rd, 2006 | 04:07 pm

I have been contact by satellite_kid to help her with a g/g shoot, she wants me to be the photographer, though we are in need of one more female up for experimenting in a variety of styles in this genre.

Anyone interested contact either myself or satellite_kid and we'll send you some info and ideas, general genres of the shoot will include:
- Classic artistic nudes
- Glamour shots, sexy and raunchy
- Fetish and erotica type shots, non explicit.

The shoot will requite nudity, touching and light kissing, so someone comfortable with this will be crucial, as well as someone that will feel comfortable wth myself and satellite_kid on the shoot. We'll all bash around some specific ideas and then look at shooting in a month or so. Anyone knowing of a nice sexy bedroom or living room for giving the shoot a really believable feel free to let me know.

If you want to check me out, General Photography or Fetish and Erotic Photography

Look forward to hearing from you? ;)
~ Chris.

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By the Short'N'Curlies

Apr. 9th, 2006 | 08:39 pm
mood: aggravatedaggravated
music: Mansun - Disgusting

Pah, what a few weeks, you ever get that some days are full of promise and hope and that you can make the most of yor time, get out there and do those thing you really want to d, and then you get the opposite, something that I am starting to see is called 'reality', have to come to that famous quote 'life is what happens while you're making other plans'....

So much to do
So got a lot of things I want to do last year, didn't do them, so this year I am making it my mission to get them done, however there's a spanner in my works already, my work have realised that i'm deep in debt can't turn down a penny, so they are givin me overtime and making me travel, work mornings and evenings for them at the moment, so can't do any of my own work easily, and they have me by the shorts and curls because they know I cant afford to turn down the money.

The plan!
Ahh well, will do the overtime for a month, then get on I think, hopefully will give me some headway and then I can get on with my new wbsites, my fetish and erotica portfolios, and get ready for a busy and happy summer....ahh, happy, I remember that :) would love to visit again sometime.

What would cheer me up is a couple of lovley models willing to help with some fetish and erotica projects? Any out there? I'm getting very passionate about these genres at the moment, so really want to push it, and don't worry, I will get time, i'll make time for that sort of thing lol, ooh, feel a little better sudenly, tis good to talk, when it's not about work anyway.

Right, off to relax, early mirning tomorrow, ohhh joy!
Tatty bye frinds :)
~ Chris.

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Photography, Models, Fetish and Erotica

Mar. 23rd, 2006 | 01:54 pm

Photography, Models, Fetish and Erotica

After my last crazy post the other night in a strange, alcohol induced, middle of the morning type mood depressed about my money trouble, like everyone else in the UK at the moment, thought i'd better write another a bit more enthusiastic.

At the moment i'm very much experimenting with my photography, and especially in the realms of art-nude, fetish and erotica. Apart from obvious reasons, I find this a great and interesting field for my photography as it's always different, poses some fantastic challenges and also, if you respect and appreciate the genres, you can make a shoot feel much more personal.

Only problem is finding the models, anyone interested get in touch, though prepare to be naked, and a bit exhibitionist, or at least open for experimenting.
At the moment i'm experimenting with travelling to models, for variety of shots and locations as well as making the model more comfertable. With the erotica works at the moment i'm workong on an annonymous relationship with models, any models up for giving it a go are to remain annonymous, think it helps.
C'mon, want to give it a go?

Get In Touch
If you can't contact me through this journal, check out my website at www.c-cook.com or www.3vil.co.uk and contact me via the contact form, would LOVE to hear from a few wild models out there.

Hope that was more of an interesting read, even if it was more of an advert.
~ Chris

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Ramblings of a rollercoaster mind - Part I

Mar. 15th, 2006 | 09:09 pm

Well, since my amazingly titled introduction to LJ, I thought it was about time to reward all of those who visited my sexy retro-nerd themed page and wrote you another entry, I know, you're already messing your pants with excitement.

Life is crazy at the moment, trying to put the photography on the back burner for a while, do shoots less often and hopefully make each shoot mean more and be more versitile. Shall have to see. Also, my work have started to get me to go to clients' take photos, definatley not part of the job description of an internet database programmer, my hobby is creeping into my day job, and that's something I don't want....will give it a go for the sake of it and then air my views I think.

Right, no feckers going to read beyond the first line now anyway and i'm late for work, so chow4now.
~ Chris.

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about time....An Introduction

Mar. 10th, 2006 | 03:04 pm
mood: naughtynaughty

Thanks for a friend giving me a royal cick up the ass (thanks Luxie) I thought it was about time I got an LJ and actually wrote somethong on here to keep myself up to date as much as anyone else who's remotley interested in me, my work or just really likes reading.

Anyhow, i'm Chris, 23, a photographer from Herefordshire in the UK. Though a general photographer, at the moment i'm spending the first 6 months of 2006 building up my art-nude, fetish and erotica portfolios, and i'm always looking for people that have a real sense of adventure and a bit on an exhibitionist in them to help out. What you waiting for?

Anyhow, with some slight ocd tendencies, I should keep this thing up to date, if not, poke me in the ear with a wet little finger next time you see me, that'll punish me......unless I like it!? You never know.

Chow for now,
~ Chris.

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